Honda Platinum Shield Auto in North Vancouver

Platinum Shield Protection

Canada is a great place to live, but the climate can wreak havoc on your vehicle. That's why Pacific Honda teamed with Platinum Shield. You have a lot invested in your vehicle, and Platinum Shield total vehicle protection can ensure that your ride is safe. From road salt and rust, to stains and tares, your vehicle is shielded from nearly anything that Mother Nature or...people can do to it.

Platinum Shield Interior Protection

The interior of your new ride is where you're going to spend a large chunk of your future. So keep it looking nice with Platinum Shield Interior Protection. This patented formula penetrates the fabric or leather, providing an invisible barrier that stains can't stick to. It can even prevent small rips and tears. Plus, it's guaranteed to keep your interior stain-free.

Platinum Shield Paint Protection

Mother Nature can be very unkind to your car's finish. The sun's ultraviolet rays can break down the clearcoat, dulling the paint and ruining the plastic trim. This also allows acid rain and other contaminates to get right to the metal, causing cracks and rust. Road salt works the same way, unless you wash it off immediately. But who has the time to do that?

Platinum Shield paint

sealant coats the entire painted surface, leaving a strong, high-sheen finish. Like a coat of Teflon wax, Platinum Shield paint protectant keeps contaminants and UV rays from damaging the paint beneath. With weather like ours, it doesn't take long for a car's finish to age. Platinum Shield is designed to provide a barrier from the elements, and keep that showroom shine protected from Mother Nature.

Platinum Shield Rust Protection

Metal surfaces are durable, but prolonged exposure to chemicals and the elements will inevitably cause rust. And as we all know, rust can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Platinum Shield's patented rust protectant bonds to the metal, preventing corrosive contaminants from eating into the metal. Almost like a clear coat of paint. Plus we even have a state-of-the-art Corrosion Control Module, to protect your vehicle in the most extreme conditions.

Platinum Shield Undercoat Protection

The underside of your vehicle takes a lot of abuse as the kilometers tick away. Rocks and debris batter the undercarriage, then road salt and snow settles into those little abrasions, causing rust and structural damage. Platinum Shield Undercoat Protection provides a thick, durable shield against whatever lays beneath. Plus, all of that road salt and snow that gets cakes under your car, won't be able to cause rust.